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Cancellation Policy

Monarch takes pride in building rapport with our clients and the families we support. Therapists work with a limited amount of people, your timeslot is reserved just for you and our work together. In order to protect this, we have a strict cancellation policy where we charge full cancellation fees for appointments cancelled less than 25 hrs, or No Shows .


(After signing the Client Intake Form, Or agreeing to services being booked, you agree to the fees, cancellation and booking policies). 

Prior to booking services, clients are informed of the fee schedule and cancellation policies by either phone call, text or being sent the client intake forms showing these policies and fees. (Clients sign the intake forms and agree to all cancellation polices/Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements).



Please be advised of our BOOKING FEE / CANCELLATION POLICY


•If you need to reschedule an appointment, the request is to be made a minimal of 72 hours in advance from initial appointment day/time in order to not be charged any cancellation fees.


•If an appointment is Cancelled (26hrs to 48hrs) there will be a $50 non-refundable fee charged.


•If an appointment is Cancelled (0 to 25 hrs) or a No Show. The full session fee is charged. (This may result in new sessions not being booked until late fee is paid or multiple cancellations on file). 



Credit Card Authorization form on file. 

Your CC will be charged according to our cancellation policy and fee schedule.


(Contract/Insurance clients). If appointment is cancelled or a No Show 48 hrs or less, the session is considered 1 full session hour by your insurance carrier and will be deducted from your allotted hours (These restrictions are set by the insurance carriers and by Monarch Child and Family Therapy Inc..



We respect and understand the need for clients needing to cancel sessions at times. Please reach out to us if you feel a session needs to be cancelled due to an emergency. It is within our discretion what clarifies as an emergency cancellation.

We provide clients with a booking notification once a session is booked (via text, email and/or SMS).


As a courtesy, Monarch also sends 24hr appointment reminders. If you require more reminder time, please advise us and we can set reminders from 24-48-72 hours.


(As with any technology type services, sometimes emails go into spam folders, please make sure to check your settings to ensure these notifications are received). 


(It is up to the client to keep track of appointment days and times).





 We Sincerely Thank you for your understanding. 








Monarch Child & Family Therapy​ (Copyright 2019-current)

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