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    STUDENT / Supervision

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Monarch Child and Family Therapy offers and can provide Supervision to students who are finished their Masters Degree in Counselling/Psychology coursework and are required / looking for Practicum Hours completion. Please reach out to Monarch if you are interested in Supervision services.


Cindy Medeiros-Connors has completed her PsyD Doctoral Studies and has earned the PsyD Doctoral title. Dr. Cindy Medeiros-Connors is also a Registered Supervisor with Yorkville University. Cindy can supervise students who are looking to hold and complete Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy Degrees / Titles.

Contracted Services

POSITION: Mental Health Therapist / Counselling Therapist / Psychotherapist / Psychologist


Are you a Registered Psychologist, Registered Counselling Therapist, or a Registered Psychotherapist??


Monarch Child and Family Therapy Inc. is looking for the above titles, and are Registered with a regulatory body:

(CAP) College of Alberta Psychologists -  and are Registered Psychologists OR Registered Counselling Therapists

(ACTA) The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta - (Counselling Therapist titles will be soon under CAP) See above.

(CCPA) The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association - and are a C.C.C member (Canadian Certified Counsellor)

Minimum Degree requirements required: Masters Degree in the following fields (Psychotherapy / Counselling Psychology / Psychology).

Please connect with us to enquire about employment opportunities to join our practice. We offer a very competitive contract rate, or employment hourly rate. We are currently looking for part-time or part-time leading to Full-time services.


Please email to enquire or call/text (587) 452-0411




Sometimes Credentials and educational requirements are not known or listed when attempting to find the best person to help support your Therapy journey, and these can get confusing when trying to find your best fit. Here is a breakdown of credentials and how titles or credentials might be listed behind a name.

Counselling Therapists / Registered Psychologists (Both will be regulated under the same umbrella). CAP "College of Alberta Psychologists" currently regulates the Registered or Provincially Regulated Psychologist profession. Soon, Counselling Therapists will be regulated under CAP.

Registered Psychologists / Counselling Therapists within Alberta (BOTH titles) have a minimum of a Masters Degree.

Psychologist/Counselling Therapist within Alberta have a minimum of a Masters Degree. 

ONLY a Psychologist OR Counselling Therapist that have a Dr. (Doctor) title, (Ph.D or PsyD degree) will be listed within the credentials.

Any Registered Psychologist / Counselling Therapist listing a registration as a Registered Psychologist or Counselling Therapist (without a Doctor credential such as PhD or PsyD), has minimally a Masters Degree. If the Doctor (PhD / PsyD) is NOT listed within credentials, then that individual has a Masters Degree. Within Alberta, Registered Psychologists are allowed to have a Masters Degree to be a Registered Psychologist and does not automatically guarantee they have a Doctorate such as other Provincial requirements in other jurisdictions. Other Provinces (such as BC, ON QB etc) require a minimum of a Doctorate, and therefore may cause confusion within Provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba that do NOT require a minimum of a Doctoral degree.

Social Worker

Social Workers are Regulated health professionals who work with individuals, families, groups and communities to improve individual collective wellbeing. Social Workers are Regulated in Alberta under the Registered Social Worker "RSW" and are Registered under the ASW "Alberta College of Social Workers." Social workers can have a BSW (Bachelor Degree in Social Work) or a MSW (Masters in Social Work). Social Workers have their own Regulatory Body and have the title Social Worker.

Within the Province of Alberta, A Social Worker within the province of Alberta is expected to practice with a minimum of a Masters Degree within Therapeutic Practice settings, and require special approval from ASW in order to practice with a "Clinical RSW." Clinical Social Workers have received extra training and educational requirements to utilize this title.  A RSW with a BSW (Bachelor Degree) can work within counselling support services with agencies such as AHS or the Govt of Alberta within support roles.

What does that Credential mean?

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy): Extensive training and Education, Doctor Title (PhD). (Requires additional Education of 1-4 yrs in the Doctorate field, and is research based AFTER completing a MA degree).

PsyD (Doctor of Psychology): Extensive training and Education, Doctor Title (PsyD). (Requires additional Education of 1-4 yrs in the Doctorate field, and is educational based AFTER completing a MA degree).

MACP / MA  (Masters Degree): There can be different Masters Level Credentials, the most common are Masters in Counselling Psychology, Masters in Psychology. (Requires 3-4 years after a BA degree is obtained.

MSW: Masters Degree in Social Work and requires 3-4 yrs  after a BSW degree is obtained.

BA / BSW: Bachelor Degree (Requires 3-4 yrs of additional Education after completing a High school Diploma).






What's in a title? or Credential?

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